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Why Does The Media Say There Is A Toy Shortage?

Despite the media reports, there are toys  available, but for how long?

 With the media continuing to publish stories about toy shortages some people panicked.

Personally I’m not buying the media hype.

  Lately I’ve made my way around many major retail stores. I’ve seen fully stocked shelves in the toy section of all of them.  So why would the media continue to say different? Maybe they want to create more worry among us?



 They seem to hammer it home when the story is negative but hold back on the positive. This is frustrating since it would be horrible if there really weren’t toys for the kids on Christmas morning.Christmas Santa

(The Following Is my Opinion )

 Don’t believe everything they say. They are trying to build up the economy for Biden (who is not my president) to make him look good. He will never match the economy that we had during the Trump administration. The media is all about whatever they can do to help him and to make him look better than he does.  Bottom line of it is that he’s a senile old man and he’s got evil people working with him. It’s a sad situation to watch somebody take advantage of 79 year old man like that.


Now back to something positive


Toys are available and they are abundant. I’ve seen places have 75% off toys. I see that Walgreens has buy two and get 2 on toys!! If there were so many shortages why would they do that? Why are they just basically giving toys away?
I know why, because they have two many toys. Some of you may not want to read this but I am a truth teller.

 Despite the media there seems to be plenty of toys and some of the best deals of the year are on Amazon.

 Here are some of the best toys on sale & available right now on Amazon.