Using Private Label Content To Build an Email List

Build Your Mailing List with Private Label Content

As most legitimate Internet Markets are well aware of today, a mailing list is a lot more than just a handy thing to have. An opt-in mailing list is absolutely required for any  Internet business to survive. If you scroll to the bottom of this page you will see a great example of how we do it. 

Can Spam Act of 2002


In 2002 the Congress of the
United States passed what is referred to as the CAN SPAM act. The act became the law of the land in 2003 and since that time internet merchants cannot legally send bulk advertising email to anyone who is not a member of their opt-in mailing list. It is illegal to do so and the fines and penalties are stiff to put it mildly.



The Opt-in Mailing List is The Lifeline of All Marketers

The opt-in mailing list is very important and  the lifeline of all internet businesses. Building an opt-in mailing list is a subject that is discussed in depth among Internet marketers no matter what niche they are involved in.
You can go to any marketer’s social media page and read again and again about the tried and true list
building methods that advocate.  Most of these experts  are in a position to really know the facts.


Ways in Which Private Label Materials Can Be Used to Build Opt-in Mailing Lists

McAfee US

Before I can explain the use of Private Label Rights material to build your

own opt-in list, I first need to explain what Private Label Rights material is and the way you should USE this material.
Private Label Rights is a relatively new-comer to the Internet Marketing scene. Although the basic concept of Private Label Rights has been around the brick and mortar marketing scene for many, many years, the idea has PlR was introduced into the world of internet commerce just a few years ago.
In the brick and mortar world of commerce, companies purchase raw materials all the time. Raw materials are the real world equivalent of internet
Private Label Rights material.
Brick and mortar world businesses use raw materials to create new products which they then place on the shelves of retail merchants. The retail
merchants, in turn, sell these products to the general public.
  This is much the same way that Private Label Rights materials are most often used in internet commerce but these very same raw materials can also
be used to build opt-in mailing lists.

free ebooks
Free PLR Ebooks

PLR is Raw Material

 It is very importance that you view Private Label Rights materials ONLY as raw unfinished material.
They are not finished products. Private label material can be used as is in newsletters and blog posts but even that is not recommended.
If PLR content materials are used as is, the chance of search engines identifying them as duplicate content is very likely. So you should always take the time to make enough changes to Private Label Rights material that it is an original creation.
These materials are simply raw materials that, when used correctly, save you time, effort and money and help you achieve your goals in a lot
less time than it would take you if you had to write every word of it yourself.

Creating Your Own Product

Changing this raw material (Private Label Rights) into new one of a kind digital products
 is a fairly simple process.

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In the real estate market it is said that only three things matter; location, location, location. In the world of Internet Marketing there is also only three
things that matter; list building, list building, list building.
Using Private Label Rights material to create private label products is really not very difficult.
The work has mostly been done for you. The first thing that should be done is that the title of the article,

E-Book or report should be changed.
That change, (if you are smart) will include your name or the name of your company.
If you have a private label E-Book about dog training, for example, and the title is ‘Easy Dog Training’, the title should be changed to something like,
‘John Does’ Easy Dog Training’.
The second thing to do is to change the appearance of a Private Label Rights product. If the product is an E-Book, change the cover.
If the product is an article, change the entire first entire first paragraph and add a sub headline.
You can also add graphics or affiliate links to a Private Label Rights material or take away from it.
You can separate an E-Book into a series of articles or combine a series of articles into an E-Book. Do what you want to do with the material but if you
really want to use these Private Label Rights materials to build your opt-in list, you need to do one  very important thing.DooDahDeals

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Include a way in your private label product for people to join your
mailing list!

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