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Techniques To Cope With Stress

Can You  deal with stress in just a few simple steps?

 Yes, You Can!👍


  Being under stress is sadly  becoming a way of life right now in this world for a lot of people.  Although  there’s plenty of reasons to be stressed out the question you should be asking is,  what causes stress?

How to Relieve Stress

 The 1st thing is to identify the type and sources of stress that are around you. You also need to assess your life and the severity of the stress you regularly experience, as well as if it is avoidable.

   Are you always worrying about money? Do you put more on your daily plate than you can possibly manage? Or are you just the nervous type who finds a reason to be stressed around every corner?


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 Any of these situations  I’ve just described can  create stress and take its toll on your health and your life. They can really screw up your  level of happiness. Dealing with stress  becomes manageable when you take the steps to seek out the source and eliminate it using  a few techniques.

Stress Management Techniques

  While one  person may be so laid back that it may seem that they just do not care about anything, another person  may be  sensitive to  everything and get stressed out over little things. The laid back person seldom experiences stress to the degree that their life is seriously affected. The sensitive, nervous types are usually feeling stressed out on a regular basis. While it’s entirely possible to be too laid back, if you’re constantly stressed out, you might want to take a serious look at yourself  before blaming others!
The person you see in the mirror could be the source of the stress in your life. At anytime of the day that you are feeling pressured and stressed over things you should take the time to analyze yourself before reacting. Figure out whether this stress is caused by a chain reaction of something from  the past or  present decisions that you have made.  What is the root of this stress? Is it a great time to make changes?  

Effective methods of dealing with stress require that you learn to put events and situations in the proper perspective. So, how do you do this?

One technique of dealing with stress, is to get your priorities straight. Anyone that has ever been in my life has heard me talk about priorities.  I’m far from  perfect and   I’ve made my mistakes too but learning my priorities was  a huge help when I was trying  to identify where my stress was coming from. 

 The first way to truly identify the source is to get your priorities straight!  What’s most important to you? You  can start at the top and work your way down. You can start by writing down every aspect of your life like where you work,  who are you with, what is your financial situation, relationship with your kids, drug and alcohol, food, shopping, etc..

  Then on another piece of paper take those aspects of your life  and  start writing down what your priorities are, starting with the most important one and listing them until you have a prioritized  list of every aspect of your life from most important to the least important. By doing this you’re assessing yourself first in order to see whether it is  your fault that you’re stressed and not everybody else’s.  This also helps you take a long look at what or who is causing this stress your life. If you start here before you start blaming other people you might be surprised at what you discover!


Another technique to help find where your stress is coming from, is to keep  a small, pocket sized notebook and every time that you feel stress getting out of hand, jot it down. Are you late for work? Did you just receive an overdue bill notice? Have a fight with your significant other? Just keep track of each incident for at least a couple of weeks. You’ll soon see the pattern of events that could be the trigger to your stress. Perhaps you’ll find that being late is a problem. Maybe the people at work get you stressed, or you’re just a chronic worrier.

Whatever the case may be, go through your notes and assess these situations so you can  simply  prioritize your daily tasks. Making changes can solve a lot of stress. 

If  you’re always get up at the last minute and are frequently late for work, then either get up earlier, or make preparations the night before,to have everything ready for the next day like laying out clothes or making lunch.  A person who spends half an hour a day looking for their keys needs to put them in a designated spot, every day. Your notes about your stress can be quite revealing. 

 We often create our own stress purely out of habit. Dealing with stresses of this type is easily remedied if you take one of these techniques and apply it to your situation. Dealing with stress requires that you start identifying the sources of stress and then planning  possible solutions.

 Reducing  your stress can happen in many ways if  you start making time to chill out and do something you enjoy.  Don’t drive yourself too hard and learn how to relax. 

Do whatever it takes to balance your life in order to have that much needed relaxation. That’s the key to eliminating stress and being healthy.

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