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Building a Profitable Internet Business

Basic Tips on Building a Profitable Internet Business

 In order to have a profitable internet business you need a website that will convert your site’s visitors into customers.

Basic Tips on Building a Profitable Internet Business

   With the popularity of the internet, most  business transactions have been done online since the pandemic started.

 Every business that wants to compete nowadays has a website.

Although some customers will go to the shop to buy the product from the shop, they firstly shop for what they are looking for and compare prices online. Especially in 2021 It is now almost impossible to do any real  business unless you have a website and internet business of some kind.

 If you own a home based  business like me, or you own a brick and mortar store you will definitely need a website to let your  customers know that you exist and that you offer products, services and business opportunities that they may be looking for. 

If you do not have a business  website, then you are probably not doing real well in 2021.

What does it take to build a professional website that will effectively promote your products or services and encourage visitors to actually buy from you?

Basic Tips on Building a Profitable Internet Business

  It starts with having a  well presented website (I am currently updating this one) :
A fast  and professional looking website is important also. Your website is your store front, and you need to create a very good first impression, otherwise your customers will shop other places.

  A website that is easy to navigate and not hard to understand is a must since there is a lot of competition out there, and there are thousands of other businesses and websites that your  customers have to choose from. Customers expect an efficient website where they can get in and quickly get what they are shopping for.

You will need to have a clearly laid out outline of contents on your website which is easy to use and straightforward. This means that information and images of the products you are offering must be easy to find in your shopping section of your website; and they must be very clear to view. It is also important that your pages load quickly and that you have all the various options for completing an order form and paying for the products or services.

More Free E-books Coming Soon
More Free E-books Coming Soon

  Use techniques that encourage users to make impulse buys without being pushy.

Present your content and products in such a way that every potential customer is presented with an opportunity to buy more or upgrade.
Include product reviews or satisfied customers feedback on your products so that visitors are encouraged to buy. Include some comments about the products key benefits. If you sell a wide range of products, next to any main product, include some other complementary products which the buyer may need. If you sale a product that has accessories sold separately then you should suggest the best accessories to compliment that product. You will be amazed at how many accessories customers will buy.

  Your contact information should be clearly visible on your site. Have your contact details on your web site and always be available 24 hours a day by phone or by messenger. There are many instant replies that you can set to respond when you aren’t available.  Post purchase service is very important and necessary  for online transactions. It is very critical that customers know who you are and know  how to contact you after they’ve made a purchase. Anything can happen during shipping and you hold the key to their happiness.  They might just need further information about your product or service before they decide to purchase from you and it would be horrible to miss out on the sale. 

This will also help increase trust with them  in doing business with you.  It is also important that you check your website’s emails at least once everyday in case there is a customer needing some help. Your website is your shop which operates full time 365 days so you will need to be available as needed so that you keep your business running smoothly and your customers happy. A happy customer is a potential return business for you. I own several web sites and have gotten email about things that had nothing to do with any of of my sites but I still answered and tried to help them. Courtesy is a must.

Include a feedback form or messenger for a  way that the customer can  to talk to you directly:

It is important that you constantly improve your website and customer experience in order to optimize your products and services. You can achieve this by giving your customers an easy way to reach you and it also informs you about what customers think about your web site and products. Letting customers make suggestions about what they would like to see you sale is a great way to get a feel for the market

  For you to maximize online sales, you will need a well presented website that is fast, customer friendly, easily navigated and a place that customers feel good about buying the products or services you offer. These are basic but they are sometime overlooked essentials to maintaining a healthy and profitable online business! 

These techniques are necessary  but please remember:  SEO is still king and that will probably not change anytime soon.