Christmas Santa

Shipping Updates and Your Buying Options

Merry Christmas

So here we are exactly one week from the Christmas holiday. These are the last few days we have to shop for that special person.  With most of the shipping deadlines almost behind us and the shipping companies overwhelmed with packages the choices we have available to shop for last minute gifts are narrowing down quickly. I am guilty of procrastinating so I am  providing what I know about where you can still ship gifts and order online to have them arrive on or before Christmas! 

Holiday Deals Under 25 Dollars

Amazon Has Announced Their Christmas Shopping Deadlines and They Say That They Have Us Covered

Amazon has announced that  Prime members and all other customers can place orders for delivery until Dec. 25. However, delivery dates can vary by item and delivery speed.

Dec. 23rd is the  last day to order more than 10 million items from Amazon that are eligible for one-day delivery, this is free for Prime members with no minimum purchase.

 Walmart Has Set Their Ordering Deadlines.

For free 2 day shipping you must order by 2pm local time on December 19th.

Walmart Rollback Holiday Deals

Walmart Rollback Holiday Deals


 For 1 day delivery eligible items at Walmart you must order by 2pm local time on December 21st.

 With the way 2020 has went I  say that you should order now if you want any kind of reassurance that your items will arrive before Christmas.


Prime day 2020If you are still trying to send packages through the United States Postal Service Good Luck! They announced that they have staffing issues and  are running way behind schedule. USPS & FED EX might take your package but they can’t guarantee any delivery times.
I would suggest that you find a smaller  shipper to deliver your package.  I’m sure you can pay Ups or FedEx a lot of money to get your packages shipped but that amount might not be in your budget. I know that’s it’s not I’m mine.
I admit that I don’t have my shopping finished and I have absolutely no excuse for it. My online shopping is done and has actually already arrived.
  The rest of my peeps are going to get Gift Cards. Most of us love to receive gift cards because we can go shop for our own gifts. Gift card shopping is easy and can be done at home. The best part is that we can get immediate delivery through our email. You can order them anytime from any computer without having to go to the retail stores and  jeopardize your health by accidentally getting Covid 19.  There are a lot of pros to buying people gift cards!  I’ve heard a lot of people say it just puts a price tag on the gift.  It’s  2020 people,   Amazon,  Walmart and the internet have all took care of that already. We all know how much everything costs because  it’s right there online right in front of us.  Gone are the days where we would  have to get into our car and go down the road, get some gas, and  go to that store to find out how much things cost. Now it’s accessible to all of us online. You can get that price  just as  fast as I just typed this. If you just have a hang up with gift cards I understand but right now gift cards are the most practical gift there is because as soon as everybody gets vaccinated in this country business will be booming everywhere.  All of this overstock that  retailers have will go on sale so  they can make room for the new inventory arriving in spring.  I personally can’t wait because I love discount shopping.

  Your other option is to get in your car and go to the store and take your chances. I wish you luck but I don’t recommend it. There are so many Covid restrictions right now that it will take all day to get done and that’s if you find something. The retailers started the holiday sales early this year to prevent the usual hustle and bustle and to keep people from spreading the Covid-19 virus.
What ever you choose to do just be safe and try to make this as good of a Christmas as you can. I hope all of you get what you want for Christmas. After that we can all hold our breath while the last few days of the worst year ever tick away and 2021 arrives. I can not wait to say happy new year!!