Celebrate the life of Doug Supernaw

Celebrating The Life of Doug Supernaw

As I’ve written about twice before, (see Post Below) 2020 has not been kind to Doug Supernaw and his family.


It all started in January of 2019 just 2 months after him and his wife Cissy were married. That is when they got the tragic news that Doug Supernaw had stage 4 cancer. It was a sad announcement that rippled through the music industry and all across the great state of Texas.

Doug and Cissy Supernaw are a love story for the ages that was sadly cut short. It’s sad how it happened to these two. Instead of being able to enjoy the fact that they were newlyweds, Doug and Cissy Supernaw spent 95% of their marriage trying to fight Doug’s cancer. Cissy was the one that inspired Doug to get back into the music industry and she really took great care of Doug. She made him whole again after a long roller coaster ride of fame ,fortune and tragedy. As you are reading this please tell that special loved one in your life that you love them and feel lucky they are in your life.

 In the mid 1990’s Doug Supernaw quickly became the number one guy in country music. The industry was having an identity crisis at that time and Doug Supernaws good looks and killer voice was exactly what the industry needed.

Doug had numerous hit songs including number one hits. He released several albums in the 1990s including “Red And The Rio Grande,” which was Doug’s first gold album and a huge success.

As time went on and the century came to an end Doug Supernaw had became a household name worldwide.

  Unlike a few other performers Doug Supernaw wasn’t just a pretty boy. Doug Supernaw was the total package with looks, talent and a great sense of humor. He was a musicians musician and never let it go to his head.
Over the years Doug’s popularity stayed the same among his real fans.  Although other new country artists eventually came along and became the new thing in country music, it was Doug Supernaw that they looked up to. After over 20 years in the business and numerous awards and successes Doug found his most important success of all. He met his soul mate Cissy Allen in 2015 and they became one in 2018.
Cissy and Doug had a special kind of love but cancer robbed Cissy and Doug of that lifetime of true love together.

  After putting up a hell of a fight, On November 13, 2020 at the age of 60 Doug Supernaw passed away at their family  home in Livingston Tx. surrounded by love and that was where he wanted to be. Since that sad day a few weeks ago Cissy Allen Supernaw has honored Doug in so many loving ways and has missed him badly everyday. It’s a sad story that was in God’s control. It was almost like God planned it this way. He sent Cissy to Doug when Doug needed her the most and as soon as God knew that Doug was finally in good loving hands he took him home to be in heaven.


  Doug’s passing broke the hearts of his fans all over the world but his number one fan was his wife Cissy. She remained strong for Doug till the end. It takes a hell of a woman to be that strong and loving during times like that. Doug was blessed to have her.

Celebrate the life of Doug SupernawOn 12/12/2020 from 2 pm
till 6pm there will be a celebration of life for Doug Supernaw in Livingston Tx. at the VFW on US 190. There will be some great live music including True Texas Musicians Sundance Head and Jason Allen. This event is open to the public with free admission. All are welcome to attend this family friendly event.
There will also be Doug Supernaw merchandise for sale and  a silent auction to help benefit the private memorial that the Supernaws are planning for Doug and just his family. This is the only merchandise that was approved by Doug. All other merchandise elsewhere is not official merchandise!

I will also be there and if you don’t know me just look for ( probably the only one )guy there that is wearing a camouflage cowboy hat and say hi. I love meeting new people. That would great. I have really appreciated seeing the love that all of you have shown towards the Supernaws during this tragic time and it would be great  to meet you.

  On behalf of the Supernaw family and the rest of us we all hope to see you there. Let’s make this a great send off for a great guy. He left us to soon.  We will always have his great music and some great memories of this great guy that we lost way to soon. God Bless Doug and God Bless Cissy Supernaw for being the strong and kind hearted person that she is. Doug was blessed to have her in his life. See all of you tomorrow!