Doug Supernaw

God Bless Doug Supernaw

If you are a true music fan than you recognize true singers and true musicians  that love playing music.

Lately we’ve lost a lot of great ones that fit that description.

Some of Country  Music’s  greats that we have all loved our whole lives have passed away in 2020 as you can see by the list below:

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 Sadly today we have lost another one.

On November 13, 2020 the great Doug Supernaw passed away at his home in Livingston Tx.

Doug Supernaw was a true musician that had numerous hits such as

  • Long Tall Texan

  • I Don’t Call Him Daddy

  • Reno and so many more great songs.

 Doug Supernaw has won several awards for his music including a gold record for  his debut album titled Red and Rio Grande

Doug Supernaw is a well known superstar all over this world and is loved by 1000s of music fans.

 In 2015 Doug met the love of his life Cissy Allen and after 3 years together Doug and Cissy were married in Las Vegas on November 6, 2018. The Supernaws were truly in love and made the perfect couple.  They lived in Cissy’s home town of Livingston Tx. It was a relationship made in heaven. Cissy’s kids and grandkids treated Doug as if he were their father and grandfather. It was a great family situation and it seemed like  they were destined to live happily ever after.

 Sadly in January of 2019, just a few months after they were married Doug Supernaw was diagnosed with cancer at which time he began a good fight to try to beat the disease.

  By the beginning of 2020 things were looking up. With the love of Cissy by his side, their family, and his loyal fans Doug Supernaw had seemed to beat his cancer diagnosis. It was so great to see him supposedly be one of the lucky ones that had beat the deadly disease.

  Doug and Cissy had a great life together and they tried to put the cancer diagnosis behind them while continuing to move forward with their life together until September of 2020.

  According to Cissy, in September 2020 Doug was having cognitive issues and other symptoms that made them worried. They then went to see a doctor and Doug was then admitted to the hospital  for observation.

A few days later they were given the news that nobody wants to hear.  It was then that the Supernaws were informed that the cancer was not gone and had spread to other parts of Doug Supernaws body.  They were sadly informed that Doug only had a little time left before it would take his life. According to Cissy Allen Supernaw the doctors very bluntly told them  that Doug had a choice. “He could stay in the hospital and they could try to help him live as long as possible or he could go home but no matter what he chose to do it wouldn’t be long until the end.”  Without hesitation Doug chose to go home and live the rest of his life where he would be happy..  Doug was then given at home hospice care.

Doug Supernaw
The announcement from Cissy Allen Supernaw

  For most of the next  2 months Doug Supernaw was at home (in hospice care) where he was the happiest.  He received all of the love a man can get from Cissy Allen Supernaw, their family and his fans.

  Sadly on the morning of  November 13, 2020 the Lord took Doug Supernaw home. He passed peacefully at home with his wife Cissy by his side.


 Funeral arrangements are still pending and the Supernaw family are in mourning. They will forever miss this good man that they were blessed to have in their lives for 5 years.

  Doug Supernaws fans worldwide are very saddened at the news of the loss of this great Texas Music Legend and will forever love him and miss him.

  Fly High and God Bless you Doug Supernaw. I’m sure you are now with that big Texas Music band in the sky doing what you love the best. Entertaining people and playing your hit songs. You are among great company up there and I bet it sounds great!!

Doug and Cissy Pose for a Fan
Doug and Cissy Allen Supernaw
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