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Why You Should Own a WiFi Extender

Having a Wifi extender can be a huge help to

your peace of mind in 2020 since WiFi is currently a very important tool

in all of our lives.

 Whether you use the internet once a year , once a week or all day long

you will need fast internet access at some point in order to

simply manage your life. In 2020 everything we do involves getting online. The person to person interaction that we are accustomed to has been
reduced  due to Covid-19.

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You can do just about anything online in 2020 and most businesses

Technologyhave adapted in order to accommodate their customers.

 Even if you are one of the rare people that still refuses
to use the internet and lives like it’s still 1990, at some point you will be forced to fill out something online or communicate with a friend or relative using today’s technology.

My late friend Larry Butler was 85 years old when he
passed away and even he embraced today’s technology and was even on Facebook.

Now that we’ve established a few of the main reasons

to be familiar with using today’s technology let’s take

a look at how you can make it as easy as possible to
do things fast and efficient.
Technology has came a long way in the last 20 years.

We can now do anything online in a matter of seconds

compared to when the internet first started and we

all had dial up modems.
  Wifi which is short for “Wireless Fidelity” has

revolutionized our lives and we can’t get enough.
Although Wi-Fi is fast it can also be spotty and

slow depending on your location and number of users.

This is as frustrating as the old dial up internet connections.

Wired Wi-Fi like cable or ethernet have

little down times but wireless seems to be a problem


So how can this problem be solved

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or at least improved?

If you want to skip all of the solutions that may or may not help and quickly fix the problem I would suggest
that you get a Wi-Fi extender.

Wi-Fi extenders can take your existing Wi-Fi coverage and strengthen it by 100 times or more.

Disclosure: This article does contain affiliate links that earn us a commission
I remember years ago when I was skeptical about buying one.

I remember years ago when I was skeptical about buying a Wi-Fi extender.

I am happy that I took the chance because a Wi-Fi extender has improved

my life since that day. Since I work from home it is imperative

that I have a good, fast and safe internet connection. I live

somewhere that provides a community Wi-Fi so I didn’t feel the

need to spend the money to purchase a monthly Wi-Fi service.

The problem with our community Wi-Fi is that it just isn’t fast enough

since there are other people sharing the connections.

I finally got fed up with the slow connection and I purchased a Wi-Fi extender.

I took it home, followed the directions, and within 20 minutes

I was up and running with my own network and I now have superfast Wi-Fi.

I have been happy with my Wi-Fi ever since.
One of the greatest advantages to having a Wi-Fi extender is that you can

create your own network with a unique password. This creates a secure

network that puts a barrier between you and the hackers.

Just be sure to use a strong password. Never use your name or any

password that is easily discovered by hackers. Now days nothing

is 100% secure but as long as you use the suggested pre cautions I have listed

below when setting up your home network you stand very little chance

of ever getting hacked.

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Here are my suggested precautions:

Use a very strong username and password with letters, numbers and symbols

2) Change your password regularly and never use the same password twice. Use a very

long uncommon password if possible.
3)Never use the same password for all of your accounts
4) Be sure to keep your password in a safe place.
5) Don’t share with neighbors. It might seem safe but you never know what they will do with that password plus your signal will be weaker than normal while they’re logged in.
6) Never use factory supplied passwords. These are general passwords and usernames that

are provided with the device for the setup purposes only. They are well known by hackers since
they are universal passwords for that make and model. It is up to you to decide your device with
a strong password. Just remember that hacking into your Wi-Fi is like picking the lock to your

computer. Once they get in the damage can be done before it is ever noticed by you.
7) Choose WPA2 PSK security which enables you to create your own password.
8) Read all directions and follow all security suggestions and never forget that as soon as you think you

can’t get hacked is when you will get hacked. Be safe about what you do online.

Without a doubt Tp-Link and Netgear are the best brands of Wi-Fi extenders on the market which

makes them the best selling also.

Below you will find that these 2 brands are on sale on Amazon. I have

also included several more brands that are more than recommend by me and they have great customer

reviews. All of these items are worth buying but as a person that has tried several of them I have to say

that for the money TP Link and Netgear are who I recommend. I have both of them and have had no

problems for years.
I do not write a lot of recommendations because I only recommend things that I have used and trust.


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