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Will It Be President Trump or Joe Biden?

Are you tired of watching this presidential election?

Does the thought of Joe Biden or President Trump becoming our president for the next 4 years stress you out?



If you’re like me than you just want to see a clear winner. This presidential election is dominating every television network. 

 This presidential election is dominating our world and  our lives.  It has dominated the news all over the whole world and the United States is in transition.

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We need to know what our future is. Why can’t they count in a timely manner? This makes no sense to me and I’m sure a majority of Americans feel the same right now.

Will it be President Trump or Joe Biden living in the White House for the next 4 years? The mystery continues and who knows when the final results will be in.

Don’t let the slow presidential polls stress you out! No matter who wins or loses you’re still going to be alive the next day.  The only problem that a lot of you  are having or will have is that due to the presidential election of 2020 your coworkers attitude towards you might change. The attitude of a lot of people around you might change!

Even some relatives might hate you because of the presidential candidate you voted for. USA, LLC

Treat them kind. Learn now to smile and ignore that hate. You are entitled to your opinion and can vote for the presidential candidate that  you like!

  Don’t create drama over an election that (as of right now) you have no control over.

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we recommended )

What is done is done and now we have to live  with the results. If you voted in 2020 you did your part and nobody has the right to think for you but you.  Real friends and family will love you  no matter who you voted for. By taking the time to go  vote you have done your civic duty as a responsible American citizen and you did what was right.  If your candidate wins great for you.  If you candidate loses don’t stress over it.

Don’t fight with your family, don’t make enemies, don’t make enemies of  your neighbors. Just smile and keep moving forward with life. 4 years is not that long and taking care of #1 (you) is very important.

What is most important to all of us is that when the results are finalized nobody goes looting. Don’t go burning down people’s businesses and hurting other people just because of their race. It’s time For peace and harmony in this country.  This election has been a joke and a sham.  It has been  going on for 2 days now and it could go on for 2 weeks .

We have the attention  of the whole world right now.   2020 and this presidential election has been a 3 ring circus. Once it is all said and done, please don’t go looting and making  it worse on all of us.

 No matter how mad you are it’s not worth it!   Americas Police and troops are on guard and waiting for you.  This will not go as well as it did back in May if you try it.

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  Just except the results and move forward. Just  stay stress free,  live your life like normal and in  4 years we’ll see what shape this country is in.

Please take the time to PRAY FOR AMERICA and our future.


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