Time To Celebrate! Its Prime day

  Okay shoppers get your credit cards warmed up because the best discount online shopping of the year starts NOW!
prime Day 2020
That’s Right Online Shoppers! October 13 thru October 14 is Amazon Prime Day and this huge  extravaganza is the best online discount shopping of the year, This sale lasts for 48 straight hours. It is Time To Celebrate, It’s Amazon Prime day!  I Love this day!🥳🤡🎈 


Prime Day 2020

(Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Amazon. I do receive a commission from any purchase made from clicking our links on this page.)

  This event is the king of discount online shopping events and this year Amazon Prime Day is being held in the  Fall!  That means that not only can you scratch  your shopping itch, you can also get your Christmas presents  bought online without worrying about catching Covid-19. That keeps you healthy and  gives you more time to spend with your family and friends during the 2020 holidays. 

Kitchen Must haves prime day


 It is so close to Christmas that if you’re like me you have no choice but to think about Christmas shopping when we see an item that’s 50 to 60% off.  I’m a discount hunter. I keep my eyes open for great discounts all of the time. If I find discounts that are good enough I share them on our Facebook page. I also include them in our blog pages. 

  Since Amazon Prime Day is in October this year don’t put those shopping cards away because in a  few weeks from now we have another huge discount online shopping day coming up. I’m talking about  Black Friday. Trust me when I say that Black Friday is just as special as Amazon Prime Day.  What you don’t buy on Prime Day I’m sure you’ll find on sale on Black Friday. 

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(Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Amazon. I do receive a commission from any purchase made from clicking my links on this page.)

 I’m not sure about you but  It’s almost a sin in my house if I don’t shop on these very special days of discount shopping. 

  Despite what the competition is trying to do during these two days there is nothing in this world that compares to Amazon Prime Day.   Amazon steps up their game every year and provides very huge online discounts during Prime day and this year will be no different .

Check out these deals below and this is just the start.

Prime Day Fashion
Shop Prime Day Fashion

Prime day 2020


I guarantee you that Amazon Prime Day will keep you excited for 48 straight hours.

I have put together some great techniques to help you stay organized while shopping and to help you get the deals you want on Amazon Prime Day! I hope these are helpful! 

The first thing is to make sure that you have an Amazon Prime Membership – You Can Get Your free 30 day trial Below.

30 day trial of amazon prime
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  • Download the Amazon App – Works great when you’re on the go.

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  • Install the Amazon browser extension. You can receive notifications on the upcoming deals you’re watching.
  • Did you know there are different deal sections? Be sure to be familiar with these notifications on the upcoming deals you’re watching.Spend $10 Get $10

  • Did you know that the amazon app has different deal sections? Be sure to familiarize yourself with these sections:

    • Deal of the Day

    • Lightning Deals

    • Savings & Sales

    • Coupons section 

    • Woot! Deals

    • Prime Early Access Deals

      • Create your list of things to buy – don’t forget Christmas is in 2 months

      • Add your items  to your Amazon list for easy access during Prime Day.

      • Using go to Account  then  Lists

      • Using the browser extension click on Add to List tab

      • Using the Amazon app, click on the menu in the top left corner – Click  Your Lists then  View Lists & then Create List

      1. You can also just bookmark the products using your browser – this works, and is the easiest way!

    • Prime Day can be  overwhelming with the millions of products they offer.

    • I hope that this how-to Shop Amazon Prime Day guide helps you get organized.

    • It is very helpful to create a list.

      If you shop with no list – you’ll end up buying things that you don’t need.

    • Remember to only buy things you need, love, and want.

      I plan on being able to  cross things off of my Christmas list along with buying several things for myself

       Good Luck and Happy Shopping My Friends

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  • (Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Amazon. I do receive a commission from any purchase made from clicking my links on this page.) Message Us For Info.