Prime Day 2020

Amazon and The Pandemic of 2020

This has been a year of change and we will never forget it!
Thanks to the Pandemic of 2020  the world will never be the same. 

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Any thought of returning to the past after the Pandemic of 2020 is slowly going away. 

We now have to work on making a new way of life after our current way of life was altered against our will .

This country as we knew it may not have been perfect but it was our country and our way!  Things change though,  and we have to find a way to embrace it.  Being forced to change everything about how we operate has been shocking though!

I am sorry for being so blunt but I call it like I see it.

 The debate in this country about wearing masks  during the pandemic of 2020 will never be truly resolved.

Some people will argue just to be arguing no matter how much proof there is that proves them wrong. 

  My question to you is, Are you doing your part to bring safety and peace to our country? Only you know the truth!!

 The one thing that hasn’t changed are the great low prices, quality items, and the quick delivery from Amazon.

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 I know you’re asking yourself ,

What does Amazon have to do with the current issues in this country?

Amazon Coupons

 My answer to that is below!

 Amazon has Prime Day coming up on October 13th & 14th and they are doing what they can to help us by making it easy for us to save money. 

 Amazon could have easily cancelled the annual shopping event and waited until the economy recovers but they aren’t going that route.

 Most other huge corporations would have took a look at the current economy and would have never taken a chance like this.

Amazon knows the economy is in shambles. Having an event like  Amazon Prime Day during a pandemic and an election year sounds crazy but that is what Amazon is doing and it is more for our benefit than it is for theirs.
Prime Day 2020

 Prime Day 2020 is exclusively for Prime members only but they’re providing  a solution for those that want to participate but are not Prime members.

Amazon is now giving you a  30-day free trial to Amazon Prime and it costs  absolutely no money to start.

The membership program offers special benefits including:

* Instantly watch thousands of movies and TV episodes

* Borrow Kindle books

* Get unlimited FREE two-day shipping (no minimum order size)

* Free unlimited music streaming and much more

If you are an active EBT(food stamps) card holder you can get Amazon Prime with 100% of the benefits for just $5.99 a month. 

That basically means that you can sign up for a free 30 day trial of  Amazon Prime (including Prime day) and during that 30 days you can decide to keep it or cancel it before you are charged. If you decide to keep Amazon Prime and you have an active EBT card you can continue the service but only pay $5.99 a month.   That is a great deal at 50% off.  Amazon’s offering you all of their Prime benefits on a silver platter.  It’s up to you to take it while the offers are available.

  If you haven’t already planned ahead of time for Christmas shopping, Amazon is here to help! Taking advantage of these once a year discounts during  Prime Day 2020 will save you a lot of money when it comes to Christmas shopping.  If you have the financial ability to participate in Prime Day 2020 and you can do some early Christmas shopping it will be one of the best moves you can make  this year to keep your  money in your bank account.   Every year on Prime Day  the savings are huge on 1000s of items and this year will be no different. To get you excited about Prime Day 2020 the deals have already started!!

Check out these early Prime Day 2020 deals that are going on right now:

(Disclosure: I am an affiliate Amazon. I do receive a commission from any purchase made from clicking my links on this page.)

Spend $10 Get $10


Prime Day 2020 Early Deals
See Prime Day 2020 Early Deals Here

As you can see the savings have started and are getting better by the day. 

 This year you can bet that the deals will be huge on  Prime Day itself.  Not only will they be having the advertised sales but they will also have lightning deals every hour for 48 hours that will only last for a limited time. Trust me when I say you should keep your eye on these lightning deals as you won’t see savings like this again for another year. 

 There is so much happening on Prime Day that it is hard to keep up with.

These are my suggested best practices to make your Prime Day go  as smooth as possible so that you can snag all the best deals without having to wander around Amazon’s virtual shopping aisles!


  1. Make sure you have a Prime Membership – click here to sign up for a trial.

  2. Download the Amazon App – also great when you’re on the go.

    1. 👉Scroll to the bottom of this page and SUSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL LIST TO receive notifications on the upcoming deals leading up to the big day👈.

      Install the Amazon browser extension. You can receive notifications on the upcoming deals you’re watching.

  3. Did you know there are different deal sections? Be sure to be familiar with these notifications on the upcoming deals you’re watching.

  4. Did you know that the amazon app has different deal sections? Be sure to familiarize yourself with these:

    • Deal of the Day

    • Lightning Deals

    • Savings & Sales

    • Coupons section 

    • Woot! Deals

    • Prime Early Access Deals

      • Create your list of things to buy – don’t forget Christmas is in 2 months

      • Add your items  to your Amazon list for easy access during Prime Day.

      • Using go to Account  then  Lists

      • Using the browser extension click on Add to List tab

      • Using the Amazon app, click on the menu in the top left corner – Click  Your Lists then  View Lists & then Create List

      1. You can also just bookmark the products using your browser – this works, and is the easiest way!

    • Prime Day can be  overwhelming with the millions of products they offer.

    • I hope that this how-to Shop Amazon Prime Day guide helps you get organized.

    • It is very helpful to create a list.

      If you shop with no list – you’ll end up buying things that you don’t need.

    • Remember to only buy things you need, love, and want.

      I plan on being able to  cross things off of my Christmas list along with buying several things for myself

       Good Luck and Happy Shopping My Friends

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  • (Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Amazon. I do receive a commission from any purchase made from clicking my links on this page.)