Riley and Baby Girl

Love Your Pets Like They’re Family Or Don’t Have Them

 Treat Your Pets like They Are Your Kids

If you’re like me you love your pets like you love your family. Just like you want the best for your children I want what’s best for my dogs.  That’s why I always make sure that my dogs are healthy and they have the right food and  they’re not too skinny. I take good care of my dogs

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Baby Girl the dog

Those of you that don’t take care of your pets shouldn’t have them just like you shouldn’t have children. 
Some dogs  are very needy and they  are spoiled. I have 2 spoiled dogs but there is a reason that I spoiled them!
  I have a Boston Terrier and A Dachshund. They’re  a handful but they are both survivors of animal abuse in the past and they both have serious health problems that could take them at any time. I got both of them from the same person and they were both so malnutrition ed and withdrawn that it was   awhile before I could  get them to respond to me.         My Boston Terrier had heart worms so bad that the vet gave him 3 days to live ! That was 2 years ago and he is still alive!  The vet says  he could die at any moment due to the dead heart worms potentially clogging his heart valves! He takes meds daily just to stay alive.

Riley the Dog
Riley the Dog Riley My Boston Terrier

    My Dachsund has a fractured  back.  In April of 2020 I woke up twice in the morning  and found her parallelized in the back half of her body. It was sad to see and I took her to the vet and found out that her back is fractured.  So  now she is on medicine daily also to help her with pain.

I was told that she was dumped and that is how the person that I got her from acquired her. 
These 2 dogs are both in need of constant attention due to medical problems and that is how they got spoiled. I don’t mind though because they are good dogs that deserved to have someone that loved them like I do.  My point to this is to show how dogs can become a major part of your life and how easy it is to love them. My dogs might be spoiled but they’re loyal to me and they have changed my bad days into good days many times.  I pray that all dogs can be as happy as mine are.


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