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Introducing Broke Leg Music

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Music heals the mind, body & soul! Showcasing live videos of some of the best music ever made. Our Genres are Rock, Outlaw Country, Rockabilly, Traditional Country Music, Blues, Soft Rock, Funk, Soul, Disco, Heavy Metal, Grunge, Hip Hop & others from the 60’s, 70’s,80’s,90s & 2000’s

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Broke Leg Music
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Unless you are a grumpy mean negative person you like or love music.

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Music has a different effect on all of us. Some of us get sad. Some get mad. Some relive a memory. If you’re like me you listen to be happy.  On my worst day I can turn on some upbeat music and it instantly changes my whole day.

Music can  bring back  a memory or remind you of  something that is  gonna be in your future. It is something that makes us happy, something that makes us sad, and  it’s always a song about something that happened or something that is gonna happen. When it comes to telling the best stories its all about music. 

  The most creative  people in this world (in my opinion) are  songwriters!  Think about it; what other profession  can tell a whole story in 3 or 4 minutes and then turn around (if the writer is also the artist) and put music to it.  Some people don’t realize how talented these people are.  Some people take music for granted. They never realize how talented these writers and musicians are and how long they had to practice and work to get to the point of being good.    Ask yourself next time you hear a song you like,  How much sadness did that writer have to go through before they wrote that sad song?  How much happiness did they have in their life when they wrote that upbeat song?  Most songs that we hear on the radio or streaming now days comes from somebody’s heart and somebody’s mind.  No matter how creative someone is there are some things you just can’t make up.  They  have to happen for you to be able to actually write a song about.  

  Now you may be wondering, ” How did he come up with a name like Broke Leg Music?” You may have never heard of something like that and honestly neither had I until I came up with it. 

 What happened was back in 2016 I was in a horrible wreck and one of the worst injuries that I had was a horribly busted left leg which is actually still fractured 4 years later. On day 8 of me being in the hospital my mind was wondering and I wasn’t  sure about the future. I just wanted to come up with something to do to take my mind off of it. I was looking at Facebook and it just dawned on me to make some kind of music page since I love music so much. I wanted to  share music that conveyed my feelings.  Then out of nowhere it  just popped in my head that I would call it  Broke Leg Music. I went with it  and then I made the graphic with the guy in the cowboy hat and a broken leg which you see on this page.     3 1/2 years  after that day I was actually given permission to be able to upload famous videos on my page under my own name and was given a course on how use them legally which was a big big deal because not a lot of people have that permission.  I just got lucky.   It has always been my dream to have my own video site and it has  came true.

Now I have a Facebook video page and a web site that I share the videos to and I love it. Broke Leg Music is a great addition to the Texas Online Shopping Network of sites.

For The Real Musicians


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